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kavita krishna by dr. giri

kavita krishna by dr. giri

  • 2-Ch-5,Dadabari Kota – 324009,Rajasthan,kota
  • 98290-93801
Contact Person : dr. giriraj in kota


"KAVITA KRISHNA" is the journey of a spiritual quest.Here the poet DR. G.R. GIRI "GIRIVER" engage in a dialogue with the supreme power.Inspired by deep study of the BHAGWAD GITA AND THE BHAGWATMA,


kavita krishna book is full of spritual content of Shree Krishna with motivating lessons in the form of kavita,the author is very much inspired by Bhagwat Gita and Shree Krishnaji.Kavita Krishna is full of positive energy for all. This book is available online also