Advance Skills Package


COURSE DURATION : 200 HOURS (7 months)

Course fee : Rs1,00,000/-

  1. Awareness of Internet.
  2. Knowledge of Digital Marketing.
  3. Use of Digital Marketing in career.
  4. Freelancer (work from home concept).
  5. Knowledge of Search Engines Websites and Internet Browsers.
  6. Personal and Professional or business mail:
  1. Social Media Marketing Strategy:
  1. Mobile Marketing Strategy:
  1. Blog creation and Posting.
  2. Bulk SMS Marketing.
  3. Voice call Marketing through Audio.
  4. Email Marketing through Business mail.
  5. Knowledge of Domain and Hosting.
  6. Practical Knowledge.
  7. Google listing and Add my business on search engine.
  8. Affiliated and Referral Marketing .
  9. Types of websites:
  1. ORM(online review marketing).
  2. Analytics Strategy.
  3. SEO with PPC with SMO.
  4. Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  5. OCM classified listing on local website.
  6. Keywords and Admin panel.
  7. OBP- online business profile with practices.
  8. How to start your own startup.
  9. Introduction to websites with benefits of web platform.
  10. Types of websites with differentiation.
  11. Websites admin panel and control panel operation.
  12. Trouble shooting and errors solving strategy.
  13. Website Analyst (with practical solutions).
  14. content writing tips with practically test up on Search Engines.
  15. Listing on other websites by creating Account user and Business.
  16. Types of Payment Gateways, how to add and register online payment System. Advance Skills
  17. Adding products on E-commerce website, Add to cart and Customer login Process.
  18. Google Algorithms, Analytics, AdSense, Ad words, Keywords.
  19. Search Engine Optimization , pay per click with marketing analytics.
  20. Display advertising through online medias (Target and Re-target customers).
  21. Content Marketing through local web portals and Search Engines.
  22. Influencer marketing with Audio and Video Strategy.
  23. Viral, Inbound and Expansion Digital Marketing.
  24. Focus Digital Marketing and Magical Promotion Campaigns.
  25. Social Media paid ads Advanced details and Trouble shootings on all social sites.
  26. Direct and Indirect marketing Tips.
  27. About website rankings, visitors counters.
  28. Landing pages and plugins, Tags and meta tags, Keywords creation.
  29. General awareness for starting own company, as a startup or as a freelancers.
  30. Advance Search Optimization process strategy in :
  1. Copy writing.
  2. Digital analytics with advanced features.
  3. Advanced Social Media marketing strategy with all practically guidance.
  4. Bing search engines Ads strategy.
  5. Advance web Analytics.
  6. Re-targeting and Landing page optimization.
  7. Content Marketing Strategy.
  8. Quara and LinkedIn marketing.
  9. Awareness on IOT, AI and Machine learning.
  10. Innovation for Digital Marketing and social media Optimization.

58.QR Codes, Digital Signature, payment Gateways.

  1. G-Suite, Webmail and Outlook connecting strategies.
  2. Creating platform for self promotion locally and globally.
  3. YouTube Marketing Ads.
  4. Google ad words with Analytics.
  5. Focus Marketing Strategy by filtration and targeting the Positive customers by kotapride.
  6. Magical Smart Marketing Strategy by attractive the clients locally and globally through CMS (by Kotapride).
  7. Google AdSense (how to learn through web, blog and YouTube channel).
  8. B to B (Business to business) B to C (Business to customers).
  9. Direct Communication with customers, solving errors through multitasking.
  10. Mobile Telephone Services
  1. Customer satisfaction and Reviews Marketing.
  2. URL Shortness, Extra tools and sites.
  3. Cloud computing.
  4. Influencer Marketing.
  5. kota pride workshop for Helping others by digital awareness programe
  6. Guidance on security and safety for using internet
  7. carrere Guidance
  8. Digital marketing planning
  9. e-commerce website management
  10. e-commerce website admin panel
  11. Free certificate facebook blue print
  12. Free certificate googleanalaytics
  13. expertise in affiliate marketing
  14. Advance SEO
  15. OVCM (online video channel marketing strategy)
  16. How to manage E-commerce platform
  17. PPC concept (pay per click concept)
  18. Linkedin Marketing
  19. Google workplace
  20. Copywriting & Benefit
  21. Serversand hostings
  22. cpanels,whm, backup facilty

91.Quora Marketing

  1. Troubleshooting and Tips
  2. basics of new updates in Digital and social media


Special :

  1. How to handle customers for their promotion activities?
  2. How to provide quotations and prices to your clients?
  3. Guidance for promoting to catch clients?
  4. Presentation skills to get positive results.