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DIGITAL MARKETING Skills COURSES in Kota by experienced Digital marketer

By KOTAPRIDE digital marketing agency in kota working  from last 13 years

Join our digital marketing courses in Kota that provide practical training and free consultancy for startups. At Kotapride, we offer comprehensive courses and training classes for internet marketing, focusing on practical knowledge and field experience. Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in the digital marketing industry. Choose from our 42-hour, 90-hour, or 150-hour batches to suit your learning needs.

Kotapride in Kota specializes in providing practical skills courses in various digital marketing areas, including:

Digital Marketing: Gain a thorough understanding of digital marketing concepts and strategies to drive more sales and attract more customers for businesses.

Social Media Marketing: Learn how to leverage social media platforms effectively to reach and engage with your target audience.

PPC Ads: Master the art of Pay-Per-Click advertising and optimize campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Smart SEO or ISM Strategy: Discover advanced search engine optimization techniques and Intelligent Social Media strategies to improve website visibility and organic reach.



  • Practical Training: Get hands-on experience through practical training sessions to apply your knowledge effectively.
  • Topic-wise Sessions for FAQ: Clarify your doubts and deepen your understanding with dedicated sessions for frequently asked questions.
  • Job Assistance and Consultancy: Benefit from our job assistance program and receive guidance in building your career in digital marketing. We also offer consultancy services to support startups and businesses.
  • Direct Dealing with Clients: Learn how to interact directly with clients and understand their requirements to deliver effective digital marketing solutions.
  • Skill Development and Career Guidance: Enhance your skill set and receive career guidance to explore various opportunities in the digital marketing field.
  • Freelancing Opportunities: After completing the skills courses, students can start earning from home as freelance digital marketers, leveraging their newly acquired skills.


Kotapride Skills Development Courses in Kota include:

  • Digital Marketing Skills
  • Social Media Marketing Skills
  • Website Development Skills (WordPress)
  • Google Ads PPC Ads Skills
  • Advanced SEO & ISM Skills
  • Crash Courses and Workshops for Students and Entrepreneurs
  • Computer Laptops Hardware Troubleshooting Skills


We offer different learning packages for each course:

Starter DM Skills Learning

Rs. 15,000/-
25 modules

Professional DM Skills Learning

Rs. 25,000/-
45 modules

Master DM Skills Learning

Rs. 50,000/-
76 modules

Advanced DM Skills Learning

Rs. 1,00,000/-
108 modules

Social Media Skills Learning

Rs. 15,000/-
25 modules

Website Development WordPress Skills

Rs. 15,000/-
25 modules

Google Ads PPC Ads Skills Training

Rs. 18,000/-
24 modules

Advanced SEO & ISM Skills Learning

Rs. 21,000/-
32 modules

Computer Laptops Hardware Troubleshooting Skills Learning

Rs. 15,000/-
34 modules

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Social media platforms are leveraged for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-business (B2C) digital marketing campaigns. B2B: For lead frozen, B2B vpncks are active on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.