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Empowering Your Business Growth Across India and Globally with Kotapride’s Specialized Five Star Promotional Strategy for Brand Marketing

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our esteemed customers for entrusting Kotapride’s sales and advertising services. Our commitment to delivering top-notch marketing strategies aims to elevate your brand presence and foster business growth, whether at a local, national, or global level.

Education Kota –

Attracting a Wider Customer Base
Boosting Sales and Leads
Enhancing Online Visibility
Promoting Website and App Engagement
Strengthening Brand Identity
Digital Marketing Packages to Suit Your Business Needs:
Mobile Marketing Campaigns:
Bulk SMS (1 lakh SMS): Rs. 18,000/- (DLT compliance mandatory)
Voice Call SMS (1 lakh calls): Rs. 30,000/-
WhatsApp Display SMS (1 lakh messages): Rs. 16,000/-
Social Media Ads, Posts, and Page Management:
Facebook, Instagram: Rs. 21,000/- (1 Month)
Google Ads & PPC Campaigns:
AdWords, PPC, Keyword Marketing: Rs. 26,000/- (1 Month)
Advanced SEO & Internet Search Marketing:
Google and Other Search Engine Optimization: Rs. 21,000/- (1 Month)
Dynamic Website Development for Your Business:
Smart and Energetic Website Solutions: Rs. 25,000/-
Localized Classified Marketing:
Local Search Optimization: Rs. 11,000/- (1 Month)
YouTube Video Channel Marketing:
Channel Optimization and Promotion: Rs. 21,000/- (1 Month)
Benefits of Choosing Kotapride’s Services:
Expertise: Leveraging our experience and proficiency in digital marketing.
Customization: Tailored packages to meet your specific business requirements.
Enhanced Visibility: Strengthening online presence across diverse platforms.
Business Growth: Amplifying leads, sales, and brand recognition.

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Mobile: +91-9829036274, +91-8306641138
Address: 621, Mukesh Plaza Complex, Dadabari Kota 324009 (Raj)
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We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and assist in elevating your business to unprecedented heights through our comprehensive digital advertising solutions.
Warm regards,
[Naved Salfee]
Kotapride Digital Advertising Services

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