laptops and desktop computers in kota

computers mela kota is a dealer of laptops and desktop computers in kota city dadabari. All types of used and secondhand desktop computers and used laptops of companies hp,dell,apple,acer,samsung,toshiba ,etc are available in our computers mela shop. we also provide servicing and repairing of old laptops, desktops,computers and printers in kota city. exchange of […]

Google ads Marketing packages

Google PPC Ads Packages – Rs. 11,000 (Per Month) Rs. 25,000 (Quarterly) This Packages Are Inclueded – ❖ Google Ad Account Creation and Management ❖ Google Ads Campaign Creation ❖ Keyword Marketing ❖ Content Marketing ❖ Google Ads Campaign management ❖ Daily Reporting Please note – That charges for Paid Campaigns and Ad Campaigns are […]

Backforce Marketing Strategy

Backforce Marketing Strategy RS/- 75,000 for one year · Admin panel of (slider and all Menu categories) · You can upload regularly images and Videos on website · You can also add News And Events regularly on website · Free visitor counter on website · Chat board option for users · Testimonials options for users […]

Kotapride Marketing Content

Kotapride ALL Post Content –  22-12-2023 All Post Content –    जुड़िए हमसे और बदल दीजिए पुराने मार्केटिंग स्ट्रेटेजीज को। अपने व्यापार और सपनों को दीजिये डिजिटल पेहचान स्थानीय रूप से आपके शहर में या आपके जिले में। Magnet marketing package:- Rs.21,000 For 1 Month  Magical marketing package :- Rs.35000 for one month Seo Advanced […]

marketing and promotion for videos and youtube channels in India

Elevate Your Video Reach with Kotapride Classified Marketing Strategy Are you an aspiring content creator, YouTuber, or video enthusiast looking to amplify your video’s impact? Step into the spotlight with Kotapride Classified Marketing Strategy – your gateway to video promotion success. Unleash the Power of Targeted Promotion With Kotapride’s unique approach, we don’t just promote […]


Introducing KotaPride Digital Marketing Packages: Empowering Businesses to Thrive Online In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to reach their full potential. KotaPride understands the significance of digital marketing and offers a range of specialized packages tailored to meet the unique requirements and budgets of businesses aiming to grow […]


Introducing KotaPride Digital Marketing Packages: Empowering Business Growth Online In the ever-evolving digital landscape, KotaPride is dedicated to helping businesses thrive by providing specialized digital marketing packages. Our offerings are designed to cater to diverse customer requirements, digital marketing budgets, and specific demographics. With our expertise, businesses can effectively grow their customer base, enhance brand […]