Renowned poet Ramswaroop Mundada Shivprasad Sharma honored with Smriti Kavya Ratna Samman for “Rainbow of Poems”
Bundi’s renowned poet Ramswaroop Mundra was honored with Shivprasad Sharma’s memorial poet Ramswaroop Mundra on Tuesday at the birth centenary anniversary celebrations of literature and educator late Shivprasad Sharma by ‘Rangitika’ institute. The program was organized in the auditorium of the State Public Mandal Library.
Chief guest Upvan patron Anurag Bhatnagar speaking that centenary organization of such writers give new direction and status to the society. Keynote storyteller – critic Vijay Joshi said these poems of senior poet Ramswaroop Mundra are witness to the generosity of love when embracing nature with philosophical backgrounds, diverse context of life is through the path of realization I emerge and get engaged in poetry. In the compositions of ‘There ‘Deep of Faith’ poetry collection, poet Shiv Prasad Sharma has spontaneously upgraded his environment in various genres of poetry, where the educational environment and poetic addiction flows into the creations like the essence of truth.
The chairman of the program, writer Jitendra Nirmohi said that- When a teacher is a literary. So their statements become more relevant after they are dead. Late Shiv Prasad Sharma’s centenary year has left so many dimensions in the house. Current situation is not a big saraswat karma at the time of marketism. The work that Rajasthan Sahitya Academy Udaipur could not do is done by Rangitika Sanstha Kota by honoring and awarding senior writer Ram Swaroop Mundra.
Special guest Bhagwati Sharma said – Shivprasad Sharma was a triveni of education, literature and art. Used to interfere equally in Hindi and Urdu. He was a very good poet and the colour worker. The beginning of tradition is simple but the management is difficult. Still believe that the plan will run seamlessly. Dr. Deepak Kumar Shrivastav said that this honor really being given to the senior poetic personality of the country reflects the height of the award which will give opportunity to those who encourage many more literary heritage in the future.
Program Coordinator Snehalata Sharma late. Highlighting the personality and work of Shivprasad Sharma said that a total of 19 entries were received for the award, out of which senior poet Ramswaroop Mundada’s work “for the rainbow of poems” was declared the best work by the Judge Mandal. Shivprasad Sharma Memorial Poetry to Ramswaroop Mundada Ratna honored with respect. Prof. Manisha Sharma said all works were more than one, so the best was selected from the best.
Forum operation Dr. Vaidehi Gautam did it. , Mahesh Pancholi writer welcomed everyone. Respected writers and poetry lovers of the city were present. On this occasion, Kaushiki Sharma recited a poem of her grandfather.
Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singhal, Kota

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