World Environment Day on 5th June
The responsibility of the pen, Dehradun
Mission life …….
Shikha Agarwal
May our earth always remain green,
It is necessary to lay the sheet of nature,
The forest, animals, fruits are fought with Ashzar,
These banks are guardians of creatures.
Flowing waterfalls yesterday,
Eager to say something,
Beauty teaches this lesson of Anupam Image,
Explains the importance of nature in life.
Nature is our greatness-
The mine of beauty is-
When the axe’s edge runs on the tree,
Even the tree sheds tears in this thought,
‘Whom I gave birth, is biting me’,
Now this garden seems to be ruined,
What kind of scene, what kind of land is this!
Where the farm barns are getting barren!
Everyone is upset with global warming.
Trees are the basis of our life,
Our breaths owe them,
Don’t trample them like this,
Nurture them with compassion and affection.
Lots of plastic are decorated,
All the fields are covered with odor,
In the holy rivers,
Fishes eat plastic, when mother cow eats it,
They also get hanged around their throat.
Why don’t we have mercy so much?
Why then the public question the purity of milk?
Ever since I have read the rivers of the rivers,
The difference between sin and virtue is understood,
Washing dirty clothes in rivers is a sin,
Diving to wash away sins is a great sin.
Why do we pollute rivers doing tomorrow?
Then why fight for pure water?
Rivers are the edge of life,
Thirsty soul cooling is the mud.
Patal-both are unique gift of Indian culture,
Then why not boycott plastic!
Poison this is very fatal,
The result is killer of it.
Black smoke of cars,
Causes dangerous diseases,
Nothing will happen by celebrating Environment Day,
Until there is a change in routine.
Use of cycle is to increase a little,
Have to walk a little far away,
It is not responsibility of the government only,
Millions of awareness have to be done.
One person – one plant,
One million people- one million plants,
The principle is to adopt
“Mission Life”
That concept is to make complete.
Let’s all resolve on World Environment Day,,,
Mother earth has to do ‘every-makeup’ again.

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