New book Amazing India ( set of 6 books)
(North India, South India, East India, West India, Central India and Northeast India)
Writer and journalist  Set of 6 books (North India, South India, East India, West India, Central India, Northeast India) on Prabhat Kumar Singhal’s Wonderful India has been published by Literary Publications, Jaipur. These books were prepared with four years of hard work on the demand of the publisher and sent manuscript in April 2023 Books have been published in May 2024 in the span of almost one year. These were studied in April 2024 before publication.
“Introduction to India” First Chapter is included in all books. It includes the history of India as well as the history of India since independence, geographical landscape, agriculture, mineral – industry, state and federal states and the creation and development of new India. Books written focused on India’s Geographical regional basis have particular focus on tourism with important facts like history, geography, economy, handicraft, culture etc. All important information from each state has been included.
These books are indispensable documents for seekers, competitive exam students, general readers and tourism lovers for most information of India and states. Very useful books for collectibles and libraries with attractive cover pages.
Readers can heart the subject, language is easy and simple. Attempted to give facts and information authenticly. These books provide most information about India in a summary. These are available on Amazon and Philipkart online platforms for world readers considering utility.
The role of North India and West India Kota’s journalist and advocate Akhtar Khan ‘Akela,’ Central India’s role Kota’s writer and senior section engineer railway, Kota Anuj Kumar Kuchhal, South India and North East India’s author, journalist and columnist Lalit Garg and former India’s role, writer of Kota Dr. (Mrs) Krishna Kumari has written. Gold medalist in geography in making books useful my brother Prof. Pramod Kumar Singhal, tourism lover Anuj Kumar Kuchhal and Kota Public Board Library President Dr. Deepak Kumar is an important contribution of Shrivastava.
51 books of the author, including these books, have been published so far, of which 12 are edited. There are more than 30 books on tourism, art, culture. 12 books of the author have been made available for sale in 160 countries through VSRD, Mumbai platform. The author has more than 4 thousand articles on Google.
Hope a set of 6 books on Amazing India will be useful for readers.
Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singhal
Writer and journalist, Kota.
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