Advanced Digital Marketing Course with Practical Training

Are you looking to upgrade your digital marketing skills and stay ahead in the competitive market? Look no further! Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Skills Course Package in Kota Dadabari offers practical training and equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Special Features of Our Starter Course in Skills Development:
Practical Training: We believe in hands-on learning, and our course emphasizes practical applications to ensure you gain real-world experience.

Discussion of Course Modules: Our trainers will engage in interactive discussions, clarifying doubts and providing valuable insights into various aspects of digital marketing.

Self-Dependency Training: We empower our students to be independent and confident digital marketers, capable of tackling real marketing challenges.

Direct Dealing with Clients: You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering results-driven solutions.

Skill Development: Our course is designed to nurture your marketing skills and creativity, fostering your growth as a successful digital marketer.

Start Earning from Home After Course Completion:
with practical knowledge and skills, you can kickstart your career as a freelance digital marketer, earning from the comfort of your home.

Our Course Packages:

Starter Package – Practical Training on Digital Marketing
Course Duration: 72 Hours
Price: Rs 15,000

In this Package, we will cover the following:
Gmail, E-mail, and Web-Mail: Understanding effective communication through emails and using them for marketing purposes.
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn):
Creating and managing social media pages.
Crafting engaging social media posts.
Utilizing social media groups for marketing purposes.
Introduction to Content Writing: Mastering the art of creating compelling and relevant content for digital marketing campaigns.
Knowledge of SEO and SMO: Learning the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) to increase online visibility and engagement.
Knowledge of E-Commerce Websites and Using Admin Panel: Understanding the workings of e-commerce platforms and managing their administrative panels.

Kota Pride Special:
(a) SMS Marketing: Leveraging SMS as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience.
(b) Voice Call Marketing: Utilizing voice calls for personalized marketing outreach.
(c) Listing on Local Websites: Getting listed on local directories to boost local presence.
(d) Google Map: Optimizing Google Maps for location-based marketing.
(e) Google My Business Registration: Utilizing Google My Business for better local search visibility.
(f) Online Search Marketing on Other Local Platforms: Exploring various local marketing channels for increased brand awareness.
Take charge of your career in the digital age! Enroll in our Advanced Digital Marketing Course with Practical Training today!


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